Tuesday, January 26, 2016

George ?- 2016

George ?-2016
With us since 2006

Tonight we are grieving for our George Lee aka "Georgie"

Georgie was a fighter until the end.  He did not want to give up on life, in his later years he only would walk with three legs.  He was very special and soulful.  We were all with him as he passed on.  The other boys are lying quietly.    Underneath the pictures you will see the blog posting about George.

Tonight he is fighting with Freeway Freida for food!

My name is George Lee, one evening I stumbled upon this house with dogs.  I was tired, dehydrated and weak.   I found the porch and stayed there.  This man opened the door brought me out a dog bed, food, toys and water. I was in heaven.  Early in the morning it started to rain this nice man came and got me.  He brought me inside and the lady gave me a bath.  I now call them mom and dad and I am the happiest I ever been.  At first there was a bunch of talk about me.  People thought that the VonHolediggers were related to the doggy mafia and I was the spy.  Manager Michael would always call me an effin  rat!  I did not appreciate any of this nonsense.  I am loyal to my family and I am a real good, loving boy.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

How could the parents of National Dog Day, not know it was today?
I guess the reason is because the VonHoledigger's are a bunch of self absorbed idiots that take all of our time and we love it...
We love how Wally is bored by all of us, Henry has a constant back itch and gyrates in the chair, three legged George acts like he can't move until he is loose in the front yard and runs through the neighborhood, Danny stealing laundry,  Barney charging cats and getting his head caught in the fence while Johnny escapes the fence to chase three legged George.  In the meantime you have Vinnie attacking Freddie Mercury while he is eating Vinnie's food and everyone else's.
So to our children we are sorry we forgot National Dog Day but you do keep us very busy and we love each and everyone of you very much!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

                      Freeway Freida Marie


Our sweet girl

Hated her picture taken.

Guarding her food against George
Tonight our heart is heavy with sadness.  We lost our little girl, Freeway Freida Marie.  Frieda came into our lives with a will to live and fire in her belly.  James found her on the Freeway.  He was going to work one day and called home all upset about a little dog against the wall in downtown Detroit.  She appeared to be road kill.  The next day going to work he noticed her eyes wide open.  He got off the expressway went back around and ran through traffic.  Four lanes of traffic.  In a narrow spot she was.  He scooped her up and ran back through traffic and took her home.  She was so weak she couldn't stand.  Once she was well she took charge of the house.
She controlled the boys.  She killed a rat and let Birki take credit by letting him prance around with it, she would guard any food bowl you put in front of her, let's be honest she helped us raise this motley crew we call the VonHolediggers.  She would mother them all.  Every new dog,  she took an interest and washed and loved them.
She was well traveled.   She swam in the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic and Pacific Ocean.  Plus, the great lakes.  She visited 28 states.  Her favorite was Honeymoon Island in Dunedin, Florida where she would swim with her true love Birki.
Her loyalty to her family was like none other.  She never had to be on a leash because she was so thankful to be with us.  Tonight we are grieving a girl we loved so much but most of all are more thankful she was in our lives.  She was Freeway Freida Marie from Detroit City!

In the beginning stages of  the VonHolediggers there was the "Fab Four".
In the picture is Wally, Birki, Freida, and Sir Thomas Thorton aka "Tommy".
They loved to swim at Honeymoon Island but after they all received a bath.
Christmas 2004

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Christmas the dog that saved us...

Christmas in culvert
Last Labor Day our friends went to New Jersey to celebrate a wedding.  They asked if we could watch their 15 year old black lab, named Christmas?  Of course we would, even though the younger dogs are neurotic and could not be around him.  They thought he was threatening, whatever!  He was a gentle giant full of love and kindness.  I kind of had a crush on him.  When he arrived daddy made us trout with our dog food.  It was so wonderful.  We spent time lying in the sun and relaxing.
Then tragedy approached.  In the early morning hours daddy and Christmas went out to tinkle.  It was a foggy, rainy morning.  Just awful, the rain was coming down so hard.  Christmas disappeared.  We thought for sure he would be back at any moment.  However, that day became night. The parents searched, made signs, went to neighbors, the animal control, etc.  There was not a trace...
The next day became the next night and then it became three nights.  The parents did not want to ruin our friends celebration in New Jersey but realized they had to share that Christmas was gone.
They understood he was old and would wander off.  They were not mad but just expressed we only wished we saw him one last time to say goodbye.  Heartbreaking.
To make a long story short.  Mom took the Springer Collection out on a Saturday morning and heard a faint bark.  She heard it again...
Daddy digging for Christmas
She brought the misfits  in to get daddy.  It was six-thirty in the morning.  Now, you must remember every time we heard a horn honk, a dog bark, the wind blow a funny noise.  Daddy was on alert and in the car to look for Christmas.  This was day number four and the chances of Christmas coming back were next to nothing.
Christmas resting
Daddy came out and he heard it too.  He went to the edge of the driveway and said it is real,  there is a faint bark in the culvert under the road. Mom brought dad a flashlight he looked and said I see nothing over here, lets go across the street.  Now the brush is over ten feet and the bank drops to a steep hill.  Daddy went in and said it's CHRISTMAS AND HE'S ALIVE!
They started digging and digging, they took turns because of the hill, all of the dirt was washed down to the end of the culvert.  Finally, with much soil moved they pulled him out, he was weak.  However, he was able to go home to his family.  Christmas has since passed on, he was there to say his goodbyes to his beloved family.
What he taught all of us is plenty.  When times are hard and you feel like giving up just push forward, it will all work out in the end.  Days we feel so overwhelmed we just look at Christmas and how he fought at an old age to see his family, living under a road scared and alone.  He knew there was something worth living for.
With that being said we can all endure...If Christmas can make it, so can we.  We now find ourselves in hard times saying: What would Christmas do?
-Freeway Freida Marie

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Tonight you are hiking with Poppa Bear and snuggling with Momma Bear.  We love you and will miss you!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Johnny the good boy!

This year the VonHoledigger family decided to do something different. We knew if we hung up the traditional ornaments that came from love ones, present and past. That baby Johnny would pluck them off the tree like dog candy. So, we hung up cards of love and well wishes from near and far. Needless, to say Wally got caught up in the string of lights and took the tree for a walk through the living room, Frieda buried her food in the far back corner, George broke enough branches off the bottom to get to his new drinking bowl (the stand) and Putter thought it was a scratching post. The only one who did not do anything to the tree was Johnny! Lesson learned: Never to make assumptions!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Henry Banned from Walmart...

Henry Banned from Walmart...

Daddy took Henry, Danny and myself to Walmart this morning. It was cooler temperatures so we could finally go for a ride.

It was all going fine until Henry, who is on the smaller side, launched out the window while daddy was driving and ran into Walmart.

By the time dad stopped the card and went in to get him, there was three Walmart employees gathering up Henry. The one man accused dad of dumping us. Daddy said no I am not dumping my dogs!  He jumped out the window,  he's excited to be here.

With all that being said dad is embarrassed, mom is mad because her children were not safe, and Henry is still excited he activated the Walmart doors.

Another day at the VonHoledigger House, life is good!